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VA Mortgages

VA mortgages offer 0% down, up to 100% financing, low interest rates, and no mortgage insurance premium. Learn about VA Mortgages


VA Streamline Refinance

If you already have a VA mortgage, VA Streamline Refinance is your quick and easy path to lower monthly payments. Learn more VA Streamline Refinancing

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VA Loan Requirements

You might be surprised by what you need and don’t
need to secure a VA mortgage or refinance.

VA Home Loan Checklist
checkclipboardPersonal information
checkclipboardMilitary documentation
checkclipboardEmployment verification
checkclipboardIncome verification
checkclipboardAssets, credit & liabilities

What You Don’t Need

You don’t need a credit check, payroll stubs, a down payment, and sometimes not even an appraisal to get a VA home loan or refinance. More on Loan Requirements


What You Do Need

You’ll be asked to provide personal information, list assets and liabilities, and verify your income and employment. More on VA Loan Eligibility


Required Documents

The most important document for a VA loan is your Certificate of Eligibility (COE), which verifies your military service. More on Required Documents

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