VA Loan Requirements

What Are The Requirements For a VA Home Loan?

The VA has an official list of requirements that an applicant must meet in order to qualify for a VA loan. One requirement for example is that you are active military or are a U.S. Veteran. VA loan requirements differ from that of a conventional loan, however there are some similarities.

Seeking VA Streamline Loan

The applicant seeking a VA loan must be in the military, a veteran, or a spouse who has not remarried and who lost a husband to death while enlisted. The spouse may also be eligible if their military spouse is MIA. If a veteran was discharged due to a disability, the VA may investigate, and upon certification, they can qualify as well.

VA Loan Checklist

The official VA Streamline Loan check list actually lays out in detail which soldiers or veterans can apply. These guidelines are easy to understand and it is worth downloading them. VA Loan Desk can help you to determine your eligibility your loan.

The Forms For Military Personel

After closing, the borrower must occupy the home as his/her primary residence. This can only be avoided if the VA Loan is for your SECOND home. The applicant must also have a satisfactory credit history. The credit risk for a VA loan is much lower than that of a conventional loan, but you still have to qualify. Proof of income is also required. This will allow the lender to qualify you to see how much money is available for the VA loan repayment. They will check to see if you make enough money to make the monthly VA loan payments.

Understanding All the VA Loan Requirements

VA requirements go down a different road than conventional loans. They have their own set of rules. VA requirements look after the military and their family. The VA will not offer a loan to a family that can not afford to live a decent life if they are paying a VA loan mortgage that is too high. The VA also knows that it is difficult to keep perfect credit and uses the VA requirements to qualify you.VA Loan Desk is allowing our military, veterans and military spouses the chance to fulfill their desire, to own a home.


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